Pet Psychic/Medium, Western MA Pets and Spirits: Pet Telepathy and Healing

Pet Telepathy and Healing

Insight PV changes name to IMCWM(for meditation center or community) & Book List for Animal Communication practice

Since we had trouble getting everyone to read Carlos Safina’s naturalist manifesto, we moved on to Carol Gurney’s ‘The Language of Animals’, are now reading and discussing  ‘Pawstalking’ by Lisa Larson who’s a certified Hawaiian Shaman! And next we will probably read Pea Horsley’s

’Animal Communication Made Easy’

Email me for an invitation. Usually 3rd Sundays! Sometimes 4th.

Michael Grady did another great workshop at IMCWM(formerly Insight Meditation and can still be found at last Sunday morning and on.

Also I really like Dawn Scott on loving all beings and Tara Mulay on the urgency and importance of the practice.